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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of using an online payment service?
A: You’ll save time and money. No checks. No stamps. No Hassle.

Q: What are the computer system requirements to use the service?

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows (XP, 2000, Me, NT, 98SE, 98, 95)
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 5.5, 6.0+), Netscape Communicator (Version 7.2+)

    Q: How do I sign up?
    A: Our sign up process is simple and secure, taking only a few minutes to enroll. You’ll just need to provide some basic information when enrolling.

    Q: Can I sign up to have my premium automatically deducted from a bank account or credit card?
    A: Yes, ACE encourages you to sign up for recurring payments. It’s quick and easy to do and can be cancelled at any time. To enroll select Payments, Automatic payments, and click on the Add automatic payments rule button located on the right side of the screen. Follow the easy step by step instructions to complete your enrollment in recurring payments.

    Q: Will I still receive a paper invoice?
    A: If you sign up for recurring payments you will no longer receive paper invoices. If you are making a one time payment you will continue to receive paper invoices in the mail. Important policy information and changes will always be sent to you in the mail even if you are signed up for recurring payments.

    Q: What payment methods can I use to pay my bill?
    A: Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
    Direct Debit from your Checking or Savings Account.

    Q: Can I schedule my payments in advance?
    A: Yes, payments can be scheduled in advance by changing the payment date that is automatically pre-filled with the current day’s date.

    Q: Can I cancel a scheduled payment?
    A: Yes, you may cancel a payment as long as the payment status is ‘scheduled’.

    Q: How quickly will my payment post to my insurance policy?
    A: Payments usually post in 2-3 business days.

    Q: Can I pay more or less then the amount stated on my bill?
    A: If making a one time payment you may enter any payment amount. If the payment is less then what is due your policy could be subject to cancellation. For recurring customers the minimum amount due will automatically be deducted.

    Q: If I lose access in the middle of submitting a payment, what do I do?
    A: A payment transaction is only complete after you’ve received a confirmation page with a reference ID. Check the Payment Activity page to determine if your payment request was processed successfully.

    Q: How do I change my e-mail address?
    A: Click the Accounts Setup link in the navigation bar located to the left of your screen. Click the Contact Information link. Your current contact information will be displayed. Enter your new e-mail address and click the Update button to apply this change.

    Q: What if I forgot my User ID?
    A: If you forget your User ID, you must click the Forgot your User ID? link. A window will be displayed asking for your policy number and your e-mail address used at enrollment time. If the policy number and e-mail address match our records your user ID will be emailed to you immediately.

    Q: What if I forgot my password?
    A: If you forget your password, you must click the Forgot your password? link. A window will be displayed asking for your user ID, as well as your policy number or your e-mail address used at the time of enrollment. If the user ID and policy number/e-mail address match our records, you will then be asked a password recovery question. If your answer matches our records, you will be given the opportunity to enter a new password, and to log onto the system using the new password.

    Q: Can I change ‘password recovery/hint question’?
    A: Yes. You can change the ‘password recovery/hint question’ by viewing your Login information under Accounts Setup.

    Q: How do I cancel my enrollment in ACE Payment Services?
    A: If you signed up for recurring payments you must first delete the auto pay rule. This can be done by selecting Payments, Automatic Payments, and then select the Rule ID. The auto pay rule will appear and at the bottom select the Delete button. You will then need to confirm that you do want to delete this rule and you can do this by selecting the Submit button. There is no longer an auto pay rule, now your enrollment can be deactivated. Select Accounts Setup and your ACE policy number will appear along with a Remove button. Select the Remove button and then confirm that you would like to remove this account by selecting the Submit button.

    Q: When setting up my checking or savings account, where can I find my bank’s routing transit number and account number?
    A: The routing transit number can be found on the lower left hand side of your check. The account number is to the right of the routing number. An illustration is provided when adding or modifying a bank account in payment methods.

    Q: Can I set up more than one payment method?
    A: Yes, just click on Payment Methods to add a new bank or credit card account.

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